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Benefits Pineapple - Who does not know the pineapple, because the fruits of this one are commonly sold in the market and cultivated in the country. 

But many people know the benefits of this pineapple fruit? maybe someone knows and maybe not too much.


Well for that, I try to write down some of the benefits of pineapple for our health, so we diligently consume this fruit.

Pineapple fruit is known by the Latin name: Ananas Comosus and originally came from the territory of Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia.

Rich in Nutrition Content that can make our body become healthypengemarnya.

Pineapple Nutrition Ingredients such as:

-  Vitamin C
- Vitamin B1
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin A
- Fiber
- Minerals

Benefits of Pineapples For Our Body's Health:

1. As Source of Vitamin C

The content of vitamin C is quite large on the pineapple is certainly very good for our bodies, to avoid thrush.

The content of vitamin C can also be a source of antioxidants in the body against the disease due to active substances free radicals.

Sweet taste is perfect for those of you who lack Vitamin C.

2. Anti Inflammation

In addition to overcoming the sprue disease, eating pineapple fruit can also be anti-inflammatory in some diseases in our bodies.

Especially when our bodies are injured, and certainly will swell and experience inflammation.

With enigmati   c pineapple regularly then the effect of inflammation can be suppressed.   

Bromelain substances in pineapple fruit can suppress the pain of inflammation.

3. Make Skin More Beautiful

Well for you the women, it turns out pineapple fruit is very useful to maintain your self-beauty .

The content of collagen in the pineapple fruit can make the skin becomes elastic, moist and certainly healthy.

4. Surfing the bowel movement

Well for those of you who have difficulty defecating, then can try to consume pineapple fruit.

Because this pineapple contains many fibers, so it will simplify or facilitate your bowel movement.

5. Make Bones Become Strong

Although these pineapples do not contain calcium, the manganese content that is in the pineapple fruit also can make our bones become healthy and strong. 

So this short article is made useful if there is a mistake in the Idea and Writing I apologize. 

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